When you think about Instagram, the first thing that comes to mind is probably hashtags. We all use at least one of those 30 permitted tags at the end of posts in order to reach out to our tribes. Those people with similar interests all around the world, accessible with a simple click. For example, adding #photography to a picture you snapped of your morning run down a picturesque trail will add your post to feeds of other amateur Instaphotographers.

Clicking on a hashtag will bring up thousands and thousands of other posts with the same tag, pointing you in the direction of countless others interested in the same things as you. In the age of technology, reaching out to others has never been easier. It’s hard to even decide where to begin or what hashtags to add to your post. For some easy inspiration, take a look at some of the most used hashtags on Instagram right now.


Sometimes it’s the simplest tags that best sum up what we are trying to express. With over a billion uses, #love dominates Instagram. Whether it’s a playful photo of your dog sniffing a flower, or a sweet snap of you and your significant other sharing a cute moment, this hashtag really captures it all. While it might be too widely used to help you narrow down your people, it’s a great hashtag to get your posts out there. With every search, the #love between you and that particularly delicious gluten-free donut you uploaded will have everyone clicking hearts on your post.


Like all artists, Instagrammers show pride in their work, even if it’s in a unique way. Most commonly, a great selfie or well-timed Boomerang of a running jump will definitely get an #instagood tacked on to it. This little word simply denotes that the product is good enough for Instagram.

On a platform as neatly planned as an Instagram page, which can make or break your social influence, every post is carefully selected and uploaded. Out of all those handpicked pictures, only the best receive the honor of being #instagood. This tag is a great way to get your best work flowing through the eyes of watchful potential followers.


Speaking of taking pride in your work, one of the first rules of social media is to always give credit where credit is due. The best way of signaling to your followers that you have shared someone else’s thoughts or photos is to simply hashtag your post #repost. This means that the content you are sharing belongs to someone else. Instagram is a platform for sharing, and people embrace that. Just as long as credit is given.

In some instances, #repost will signal that the post is something the poster has previously shared. It could be a photo of a great outfit they took that they are fond of, or an important message they wish to repeat. It doesn’t have to signal that the content is taken from another user. Due to this versatility, it’s always good to tag the owner if the work is taken from someone else. This helps followers know if the post is being repeated for emphasis or if it’s something you have in common with another user.


Outfit of the day is one of the most iconic Instagram hashtags, filling the pages of every fashion blogger and amateur beauty influencer on the platform. Instagram is all about inspiring other people, and there is no better way to hunt down some fashion inspiration than searching this tag. With bloggers and influencers from all walks of life posting their different styles, it’s easy to find your next outfit of the day hanging out on someone else’s page. Whether you are modest and chic or down to earth and simple, there is a photo tagged OOTD out there for everyone. With the ability to link and tag designers, stores and websites, finding the pieces is as easy as a click.


Your Instagram page isn’t very far off from being a diary. It might not be very private, but it’s certainly personal. People look to your social media to figure out exactly who you are, what your brand represents and what is important to you. In comes #tbt, or throwback Thursday. That special day of the week reserved for memories, much like Facebook’s memories application.

Most influencers use this hashtag as an opportunity to post cute pictures from far into the past such as a grainy photo from their childhood or the day they adopted their first pet. Anything worth remembering is going to be tagged #tbt.


Anyone with an Instagram account knows that feeling of dread when you post a picture that you perfected with filter after filter, only to have it receive a small handful of likes. Instead of deleting your work of art, though, you can always tag it #like4like. This little hashtag is a simple way of letting others know that if they like your photo, you will like one of theirs back. This increases engagement on both accounts, essentially following the mantra of “if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

A simple search of this hashtag is a great way to find thousands of people willing to give your photos some love. No wonder it’s such a popular tag.


While we all have our own reasons for posting on social media, most of us want some recognition. All of that hard work isn’t done for nothing. Finding followers is a difficult challenge, though. However, it’s made less difficult with hashtags like #followme. These tags let other users know your content is for them to enjoy. Whether you are posting from your vacation on the beach or simply uploading quotes from your favorite book, adding the hint that you are looking to be followed will grab people’s attention.


This tag is similar to OOTD: picture of the day. Whether it’s a new selfie or a couple of snaps from your morning yoga routine, a picture a day keeps the followers happy. With so much content available with a simple swipe, keeping your account interesting and updated means the difference between a handful of followers and a crowd of fans. Tagging your picture #potd tells your followers that you upload daily. This means they will always have something new to view.


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