Frequently Asked Questions

Will you keep my idea confidential?
Yes. Before you disclose your idea to us we ask you to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) which has also been signed by us. This effectively means that we cannot give details of your project idea to anyone outside our company, except our working partners who will also have signed an NDA with us.
How do I know you won’t steal my idea?
Firstly, the NDA would prevent anything like this from happening. Secondly, we at Amalyte.com work to the ethos of honesty and integrity and our main focus is purely to help our clients develop profitable and successful products which belong solely to them. Do I have t
What type of ideas do you develop?
Initially it is probably easier to say areas that we do not work in: we do not have facilities for app development or for business ideas facilitated through the internet. Primarily, we are a product design company, able to help with both the product and the packaging. We also have a range of products across many various materials. We have designers with experience in mechanical engineering, house-hold products and contacts in incorporating electronics within our products. We have a lot of experience in Rucksacks and in textile products. Recently we have developed many mother and baby products.
How long will my project take?
The timescale of your project depends on the complexity of your idea. Ideally if all runs smoothly, it may take between nine months and a year to reach the conclusion of a project, however prototyping and sampling can often present delays through the communication with manufacturing companies in the Far East which can add additional time
Will you be honest about my idea?
Yes. Our company motto is honesty and integrity and we have been known on several occasions to inform potential clients that their idea is not one worth progressing, giving reasons behind such a decision. As far as we can, we try to be realistic with you about the process and the cost involved. Our reputation rests upon our honesty and integrity and we would not want to risk jeopardising this by providing anything less and upon request we can provide references if necessary.