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Prototyping using 3D Printer

The FDA 3D printer serves as a versatile tool in our prototyping process, seamlessly accommodating PLA+ filament for Ion Plasma thruster components and nylon for tension and strength testing. Its adaptability streamlines material selection, enabling rapid iteration and precise fabrication.

Solar Panel Cleaning Bots

The Solar Panel Cleaning Bot Project. A collaborative feat of engineering brilliance, this 25-foot aluminum wonder, powered by a 70Ah battery and Raspberry Pi Zero, redefines solar panel maintenance. Witness innovation in action as four minds unite, using 3D printed parts to pioneer a sustainable future.

Solar Panel Inspection Bot.

Journey of innovation with our Surveillance & Inspection Bot for Solar Panels. Join five engineers as they push the boundaries of technology, overcoming challenges in design, prototyping, and programming to revolutionize solar panel maintenance. Welcome to the future of renewable energy.

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