Welcome to Amalyte

Do You Have An IDEA And Don't Know Where To Start?

You’re at the right place, Amalyte helps you from first step.

Welcome to Amalyte

Do You Have An IDEA And Don't Know Where To Start?

You’re at the right place, Amalyte helps you from first step.

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Design process is uniquely focused on 2 main elements: ensuring that the design is optimistic and developing a concept presentation for minimum capital risk.


Product Development is a process of turning an idea into a desirable, manufacturable product that has the best chance of success in the marketplace.


Marketing is an art and science of choosing target markets and getting, keeping, and growing customers through creating, delivering, and communicating superior customer value

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Where innovation goes hand in hand with creativity.

Web & Mobile Development

Transform your vision into reality with our expert web & mobile development services.

Logo, Branding & Graphic Designing

Transform your brand with our expert logo & branding services. Stand out and captivate your audience.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

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User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX)

Revamp your user experience with our UI/UX services for seamless design solutions. Elevate your website today.

Multi-Media & Content Creation

Unlock your brand's potential with our expert content creation & marketing services. Drive engagement & growth.

Research & Strategic Planning

Unlock insights, drive growth. Elevate your business with our expert market research & analysis services.

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Amalyte is an ideas developing company that helps people to generate, implement and market various ideas very precisely. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions.We also provide full level market research to launch any business.

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Product Services

Making IDEAS alive.

Product Designing


Intellectual Property

Risk, Viability & Certifications

Material & Textile Products

Manufacturing Support

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Explore our top-notch video conferencing solutions. Experience seamless connectivity. Elevate your meetings. Click to transform your communication today!
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Explore our Product Development

Prototyping using 3D Printer

The FDA 3D printer serves as a versatile tool in our prototyping process, seamlessly accommodating PLA+ filament for Ion Plasma thruster components and nylon for tension and strength testing. Its adaptability streamlines material selection, enabling rapid iteration and precise fabrication.

Solar Panel Cleaning Bots

The Solar Panel Cleaning Bot Project. A collaborative feat of engineering brilliance, this 25-foot aluminum wonder, powered by a 70Ah battery and Raspberry Pi Zero, redefines solar panel maintenance. Witness innovation in action as four minds unite, using 3D printed parts to pioneer a sustainable future.

Solar Panel Inspection Bot.

Journey of innovation with our Surveillance & Inspection Bot for Solar Panels. Join five engineers as they push the boundaries of technology, overcoming challenges in design, prototyping, and programming to revolutionize solar panel maintenance. Welcome to the future of renewable energy.

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